Eilene Partin
Tom was the best! This appointment was a real relaxing feel good experience . I will definitely go back!!
Keith Scharer
Great, calming experience, I have already returned multiple times and have enjoyed every massage. I like the chair massage best because of the leverage they can get for that deep pressure on my shoulders and upper back, but love the relaxation from the table massage. Highly recommend!!!!
Shane Seacott
I'm an avid massage enthusiast and this place is calming and relaxing. The spa is very high class and very well laid out. The customer service is very nice and the massage from Cindy took all my stress away.
The foot massage was great! Very good experience over all but only thing I didn’t like was the phone ringing at the front desk could still be heard all the way in the back where I was getting the foot massage so that was the only inconvenience. Overall, great place and would recommend it to others!
Jamie Meece Johnson
Great experience. Clean, comfortable, and very calming. Outstanding service.